At Highland Park Endodontics, we ensure only the highest standards of excellence are followed by our staff to ensure your visit is a quality experience. Our highly trained and professional staff strives to make your visit a comfortable one.


Our Services

  • Root Canal consultation/evaluation

  • Non-surgical root canal therapy

  • Endodontic retreatment

  • Endodontic surgery (apicoectomy)

Highland Park Endodontics, offering the best patient experience

Sedation dentistry – Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), Oral Sedation to IV Sedation

Patient comfort measures – We provide our patients with ceiling-mounted TVs to watch during treatment, Snack and Coffee bar, blankets/foot warmers

Stelization center – We use only state-of-the-art sterilization and infection control techniques.

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Our Practice


“Endo” is the Greek word for “inside” and “odont” is Greek for “tooth.” Endodontic treatment treats the inside of the tooth. Root canal treatment is one type of endodontic treatment.